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Our Services
Our Value Added service includes wire re-spooling, wire cutting, tinning and crimping of Amp/Tyco and Molex terminals. We offer wire striping and twisting.

Pacer Electronic Wire & Cable Inc.
3135 N. Delaware St., Ste 5
Chandler, Arizona 85225
Phone: (480) 545-9000
FAX: (480) 545-9580

Value Added Service

We provide a wide array of services including the following Value Added services. If you don't see the service you need on the list below please don't hesitate to call our friendly staff.

Cut and Strip               Cut and Coil                   Dyeing

Twisting                        Tinning                            Respooling

Marking                        Spark Testing                 Striping


Pacer Electronics Video
Pacer Electronic Wire & Cable inc. cutting and stripping wire on Schleuniger 9500 & 9320 machine's. We also sell wire, cable, cable ties, heat-shrink tubing, expando and other sleeving. Value added includes cutting, stripping, tinning, terminating, harness, striping and twisting wire.